June Birthday Competition

Competition Rules

1 June – 30 June 2021 | Sheet Street Birthday Competition 2021

1       Introduction
Mr Price Group Limited (“promoter”, “we”, or “us”) is running a promotional competition. When you spend R1200 or more on the Sheetstreet.com website, during the month of June 2021, you could be 1 of 5 winners of a TV and plasma unit bundle to the value of R 6 200

2       Definitions
In this Agreement

2.1        participant or you means the person who spend R1200 or more on the Sheetstreet.com website during the month of June 2021
2.2        promoter means Mr Price Group Limited or its agencies used to promote this competition.

3       Duration and who can enter
3.1        The start of this competition is the 1 June 2021 and will end on the 30 June 2021 The winners will be notified on or before the 9th of August 2021.
3.2        The competition is conducted by the promoter and its third party contractors.
3.3        No one who is a director, member, partner, employee, agent of, or consultant to us, or our marketing service provider(s) utilised in connection with this competition, any supplier of goods or services in connection with this competition, any other person who directly or indirectly controls, or is controlled by, them, or any spouse, life partner, close family member, business partner, or associate of any of such persons, may take party or enter the competition.
3.4        This competition is only open to legal residents of South Africa aged 18 years or over.
3.5        You must have a valid South African delivery address, ID and valid South African TV license when claiming a prize.
3.6        This competition is only open to our customers (cardholders and non-cardholders
3.7        Entry into this competition is regarded as acceptance of these rules. If you fail to comply with these rules, you will not be entitled to participate in this competition or we will disqualify you from the competition.

4       How to enter
4.1        To enter you must:
·        Purchase online at Sheetstreet.com to the value of R1200 or more within the month of June 2021.

4.2        For an entry to be valid, you must fulfil all required fields in the entry form completely and truthfully.
4.3        We are not liable for any technical failure that may result in an entry not being successfully submitted.
4.4        Consumer Protection Act. Under the Consumer Protection Act (CPA), we need to keep records of all the people used to promote the Promotional Competition. We (or one of our subcontractors or affiliates) will keep this agreement for three years to serve as the record as required by the CPA.

5       The Prize
5.1        Prizes. You can win 1 of 5 TV and plasma unit bundles worth R6 200 each.
5.2        Redeeming prizes. We will award prizes after the close of the competition within a reasonable time.
5.3        Prizes as is. Prizes are non-refundable, non-exchangeable and cannot be redeemed for cash. To the maximum extent permitted in law, we exclude liability for any defects in the prize. We may substitute any prize with another prize of similar value.
5.4        Collection of prizes. You are responsible for collecting the prize that you have won.

6       Prize winner selection and publicity
6.1        Choosing a winner. We will randomly select the prize winners after the end of the competition.
6.2        How will you know if you have won. We will contact each winner by means of the contact details you provide in your entry form. We will attempt to contact winners three times during a 72 hour period. If we cannot contact the winner during this period, the winner will forfeit the prize and we reserve the right to re-draw a new winner under the same conditions. Winners who have not given us the correct details will forfeit the prize.
6.3        We may ask winners to take part in publicity connected to this competition. Winners grant permission for us to use their names and photographs in any advertising and promotional material for this competition. You may ask us to remove your name or refuse to take part in any publicity.
6.4        We may ask winners to consent to the use of their information in marketing material. We may, before or after we publicly announce the winner of the competition, request a winner to consent to the use of their image or name in our marketing material or participate in our marketing activities (including endorsing, promoting, or advertising our services or any of our subsidiary companies’).
6.5        You will not receive any payment for taking part in the competition or taking part in any media format related to it.
6.6        Forfeiture. If you do not collect your prize within 14 days, you will forfeit it and we may re-award it.
6.7        Contact. If you have a question about the competition, please email [email protected]


7       Dispute resolution
7.1        Arbitration. If there is any dispute, the parties must refer the dispute within 15 business days to arbitration (including any appeal against the arbitrator’s decision) under AFSA’s latest rules for expedited arbitrations.
7.2        CPA dispute resolution. Despite the arbitration clause above, any party may use other dispute resolution channels that the CPA or other law provides.
7.3        Severability.  This clause is separate and divisible from the rest of this agreement and stays effective even if this agreement ends or is invalid.

8       General
8.1        No liability. To the maximum extent permitted in law, we and our directors, officers, managers, employees and agents, will not incur any liability to any person for any injury, claim, loss or damage of any nature whatsoever, whether direct, indirect, consequential or otherwise, as a result of entering into, or arising from any cause whatsoever or howsoever arising from their participation in, this competition or the use of any prize won there under (any such prizes being utilized at the own risk of any winner thereof).
8.2        Force majeure. No party will be responsible for any breach of this agreement caused by circumstances beyond its control.
8.3        Consent to further communication. By entering the competition you agree to receive further communication and direct marketing material from Mr Price. You can always opt out of these further communications and direct marketing.
8.4        Use of personal information. Participants understand and agree that in order to offer the competition, the promoter must collect and use personal information about them. We will not sell or rent personal information about individual members to third parties. We may, however, disclose personal information in response to a specific request by a law enforcement agency, subpoena, court order, or as the law requires.
8.5        Third party rights. By entering this competition, you warrant that the information submitted by you to the site does not and will not violate any right of any third party, including copyright, trademark, privacy or any other personal or proprietary right.
8.6        Changing the rules. These rules, including the duration of the competition, can only be reasonably changed (or superseded) by us in a written revision to these rules posted on the competition website or any other potential official competition communication methods we use to reach a majority of potential participants.
8.7        Tax. Income or other taxes relating to the prizes, if any, are the sole responsibility of the prize winner.
8.8        Governing laws. We are an International Retailer with our offices based in South Africa. South African laws govern this competition.
8.9        Severability. Any provision of these Rules or the competition which is held to be invalid or unenforceable will be ineffective to the extent of such invalidity or unenforceability without invalidating or rendering unenforceable the remaining provisions thereof.
8.10     Termination of the competition. If we need to, because of legislative or regulatory reasons, we may terminate the competition immediately and without notice. If this happens you will not have any claim against us, because of this.

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