We are always looking for opportunities to stock locally-made products to support our community and South African makers. When you see the Proudly South African icon on our products, you know you’re supporting local.


We Love Local


Why Support Local?


Help create more jobs across South Africa


Invest in the local economy 


Choose unique, handmade products for your home.


Home-grown Designs

Melody our textile designer (above) along with her team design a portion of the prints and patterns you love for your home, right here in South Africa. Our buyers and designers also make sure to keep your most-shopped items in mind, to bring you something new, based on the styles you’ve been loving in your home since 1990.

Proudly South African Bedroom BannerProudly South African Bedroom Banner
Proudly South African Furniture BannerProudly South African Furniture Banner
Proudly South African Living Room BannerProudly South African Living Room Banner


Proudly South African Cotton

We’re proud that a selection of our towels are made using locally-sourced cotton. So far, our suppliers have made over 2.5 million towelling units using 112 tons of cotton fibre farmed right here in South Africa.

Proudly South African Furniture BannerProudly South African Furniture Banner

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