Your Bedroom and Living Room Essentials


1. Mini Ripple Vase R39.99 2. Lily Vase R69.99* 3. Stria Vase R119.99 4. Tokyo Planter R149.99* 5. 2Pk Bronze Frames R99.99
6. Bamboo Sticks R49.99 7. Trio Mari Flower Wall Art R199.99 8. Waffle Blanket 200x220 R269.99 9. Silver Mirror Side Table
R199.99 10. Lapland Rug 70x160 R299.99 | 120x180 R799.99 11. Denali Vases from R299.99 12. Trio White Flower Wall Art
R299.99 13. Embellished Tree Canvas 120x45 R799.99*


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